Tasty Planet

Tasty Planet 3.4

As the rule the big fish eats the small fish, eat everything smaller than you
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This great fun game will capture your attention and will get you addicted to its action. The main objective of this game is to eat everything that is smaller than you to make you grow and keep eating bigger things. You must eat everything in your screen in a certain time to reach new levels. In this game you can play casual mode or endurance, casual mode is easy and with no time limit, endurance mode is difficult and long lasting levels. The game has different levels like laboratory, outside, picnic, city, park, ocean, sky, orbit and cosmos. Each time you eat you will get bigger and you will be able to eat bigger things. You will start eating bacterias, red blood cells, algae, flies, coins, golf balls and base balls among others, until you get to the Cosmo eating very big entities. In each level you must take care of bigger things than you, some can hurt you and some others can eat you. Move fast and run away from bigger things than you and eat fast so you can grow and eat those big entities before the time is up.

Birgilio Rivera
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